Interaction Designer

CCA Portal

Collaborator: ETS Web & Mobile Team

Role: UX/UI Design Lead   

01. CCA Portal

Check out the site!

Portal is CCA’s, California College of Arts, newest intranet. This  intranet is for current staff, faculty and students to find and discover information and content via elastic-search.

02. Shops Catalog

Shops, is a directory for the CCA community to explore  the facilities, studios, equipment and machinery available for staff, faculty and students.  

03. Design Process

Through this iterative process, Portal has evolved with new features, more content and better ways for students to navigate and explore information.

04. Next Steps

Currently the CCA website is going through a website redesign. During this process Portal will be adding a lot of non-marketing content to Portal. Ranging from department programs, financial aid, and a lot of student content.